Old Friends

On this page I have collected the cats I have co-owned/owned and that now lives in other good homes. 
To continue breeding even if it's in a small scale, one is sometimes depending on having good friends
or new friends who can open their homes to an old breedingcat or a new breedingcat. Therefore I'm 
very greatful that there are people who can think of having a breedingcat, undepending if it's a kitten 
or and old cat - without your help it would be impossible to get somewhere in the breeding! :)



S*Hot Country's Waltzing Matilda - OCI b 24

Wilda got 1 litter in her hosthome before she passed to her hosts as a neuter. She has a birmancompanion as best friend :)


GC US*Low Country Pnut Britl - OCI n 24

Has retired as a neuter after successfull missons :)


DK*Especially 4 Junglespots of All Times - OCI bs 24

Agnes is a grandchild to my very first ocicat Pamina so she has alwasy been special to me. She got 3 litters in her hosts Linnéas home and then she was neutered.
She is living there together with Siri (Look further down the page)

FIN*Rollick Fear Of The Dark - OCI n 24

Trine got 1 litter in my and Pers co-operation COOL. She is now living her life as a happy neuter in her hosthome with one of her sons.


EC S*Älebräckes Artemis  - OCI b 24

This is Wilma who had 3 litters in my cattery, she is now owned by S*Powerspots.
Wilma has her own place in my heart due to her big Purrsonality! :)

IC DK*Lady Fairs Black Dynasty - PER n

Teddy didn't really came along with our other cats when he got fertile so we had to take the hard decision to re-place him as a neuter after just a few litters. He now resides with Inga-Lill as a spoiled pet! :) 


IC S*Junglespots Bytterfly Flip - OCI o 24

This is Flippan who I kept from Paminas last litter, unfortunately she only got 1 litter and then got neutered because of an urgent inflammation in the matrix. 
She is now living as a happy neuter with Roger together with "Lillan" in her own litter :)

S*Milwaukee's High Praises - OCI a 24

Siri retired after she had 2 litters in her hosthome.
She is now owned by her host Linnéa.


IC S*Älebräckes Pamina - OCI b24                          IC FIN*Anórien's Skywise - OCI a24

This is IC S*Alebrackes Pamina, chocolatespotted girl & IC FIN*Anórien's Skywise a bluespotted boy. Both are now
happy neuters and lives with Camilla Edman in Gothenburg where they really enjoy the life to max! :)
Pamina was my very first ocicat and Hiski was the first boy I imported.