In our breeding the most important to us is to get cats that are healthy and at the
same time social and close to the standard. We sell our cats as fullworthy
familymembers and do not under any circumstances accept cages.
We don't sell our cats as outliving cats so they can run free outside either.
We won't sell our cats thru the net but an e-mail is a good first contact :)
We have kittens of pet, show and breedingquality or a combination of theese.

Here are the studs we have used..

When the kittens leave from here they are:

* At least 13 weeks old.
* Vaccinated 2 times against "catplague & catcold".
* Registrated and have a pedigree.
* Veterinaryinspected.
* Dewormed.
*ID-marked with a chip.

Support for life :)

The deposit/booking-fee is non-refundable!


Because the ocicat is a small breed it's also important with multitude in the breed and therefore we are trying to be
very careful with finding good combinations to our breeding. Imports is also a important thing to increase the multitude in the
breed. To make this possible we are co-operating with other catteries. This co-operations makes it possible to get some new 
blood for our breeding.

2015 - I have imported 2 cats from USA to strenghten
my breedingprogramme.

EC S*Älebräckes Artemis & S*Callidoras Atta Boy

Are you intrested of buying a kitten from us you are welcome to mail us on:
If you want to be sure to get a kitten of a special litter you can stand in line a time
before, you can jump of the list whenever you want and of course there is no
"buying-demands" either :)