Just 4 Fun

On this page I have collected some fun stuff and statistics about our cattery :)


S*Junglespots cattery has had 31 litters with ocicats divided on 117 kittens 
which of 59 is males and 58 females. And...
in theese colors... :) Until Star Wars-litter.
 Click the different colors to see the galleries.

Tawnyspotted x 32 Chocolatespotted x 31 Cinnamonspotted x 1
Ebonysilverspotted x 5 Chocolatesilverspotted x 6 Cinnamonsilverspotted x 
Bluepotted x 8 Lavenderspotted x 11 Fawnspotted x 4
Bluesilverspotted x 2 Lavendersilverspotted x 2 Fawnsilverspotted x 

AOV (All Other Varietys) - Non recognized patterns

Tabby x Solids (chocolate) x 3
Ticked x 11  

Did you know that ...
S*Junglespots is Swedens southermost Ocicatbreeder.

*** S*Junglespots Artiméa together with her catbuddy Sivan sometimes
chases roe deers of the garden.

*** S*Junglespots Sekhmet was just 1 BIS away from the Junior Winner-title.

*** S*Junglespots has both comercial and movie celebrities!
Our breedinqueen Agnes has been on comercial for Bio-Distra Plaque-Off.
S*Junglespots Artiméa has been in Royal Canins calendar.
Out persianstud Zicco is a short time in the Wallander-movie "The Angel of Death".

*** S*Junglespots owns Swedens first Distinguished Merit (DM) ocicat!
S*Milwaukee's High Praises DM

*** S*Junglespots owns Swedens first Distinguished Variety Merit (DVM) ocicat!
EC S*Junglespots Coronado DSM DVM



S*Junglespots have exported kittens to:


RW QGC S*Junglespots Desert Wind
S*Junglespots Qetesh
S*Junglespots Lady Luck of Wild Rain
S*Junglespots Touchdown of Wild Rain

IC S*Junglespots Cantaloupe
IC S*Junglespots Solano
S*Junglespots Tatooine

S*Powerspots Showtime
S*Junglespots Uppercut
S*Junglespots Florida Sunshine
S*Junglespots Laphroaig



S*Junglespots Voodoo Child 4 Rollick

S*Junglespots Purrfect Gift 4 All Times

S*Junglespots Wadjet
S*Powerspots Jumanji
S*Junglespots Show Me Missouri

IC S*Junglepower Kentucky Kick

SC S*Junglespots Copperino
S*Junglespots Montana Treasure

S*Junglespots Wild Card 4 Rain Forest

S*Junglespots have imported kittens from:

USA x 4
US*Chisholm Trl Stargazer
US*Chisholm Trl Mr Sandman
US*Low Country Pnut Britl
IC US*Low Country Lil' Miss Magic
Finland x 4
IC FIN*Anórien's Skywise
FIN*Rollick Fear Of The Dark
FIN*Rollick Hook in Mouth
IC FI*Topspot Miragazza
Denmark x 2
DK*Especially 4 Junglespots of All Times
SC DK*Øjenfryd's Ehab 4 Junglespots DVM
Argentina x 3
IC Forest Rain Jasper 4 Junglespots
GIC Forest Rain Wilson 4 Junglespots
AR*Rain Forest Isabel Coca Sarli
Germany x 1
Donna a. Kisdorf*DE