About me & the cattery

You have come to my small cattery who raise ocicats. I got my breeding prefix in January 2002, S*Junglespots. 
It was kind of given - "A leopard from the jungle" ;)  

The family consists of me and the cats  :)
We live in an apartment in Trelleborg, 3 swedish miles south of Malmoe. 

A little more about me, Sabina. I'm 35 years old and work on a forwarding-company in Malmo
named DB Schenker. I have many intrests but the cats are my biggest intrest, I'm also involved in
our local catclub Sydkatten.
I like to photograph too, so far it has only been cats because that's the biggest passion in my life.
Cat's aren't always so easy to work with but it's a funny challenge to catch the moment and the cat.
My photogallery on cats are here ----> Gallery

In my breeding the most important to me is to get cats that are healthy and at the same time are social and close to the standard. We sell our cats as fullworhty familymembers and do not under any circumstances accept cages. We have kittens of pet, show and breeding quality or a combination of theese. So don't hesitate to contact us :)
Because the ocicat is a small breed it's important with diversity and we try to find good combinations to our breedingcats. We work hard to broaden the breedingstock and we have many contacts over the world which we have built up thru the years we have been breeding. Our goal is to produce kittens of the best show quality, therefore we only breed with the best blood lines in the world. Imports are also important to broaden the genetic diversity and we also work with outcrosses (ABY) as an extra addition.
We care about the health of the breed which means we test our ocicats for
HCM, PRA & PK. All our testing is performed at a veterinary station and our cats is heart scanned of one of the best cardiologist in Europe; which we consider to give you as a kitten buyer an assurance that it is the right cat/individual who has been tested. 

Kiri at the left 5 weeks old & Pamina about the same age :)

Are you intrested of buying a cat from us or just have some questions please feel free to contact us at: ispinglan@telia.com